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    I have been working for 10 years with many catering and luxury villas, I met lots of customers looking for the perfect location for their wedding, their exclusive party or event. Everyone was confronted with the difficulty of imagining, with an overview of the opportunities and other limits of the venue.

    I listened to all their worries and doubts and I understood that people spent lots of energies finding the right venue.

    It is not easy for non-professional people to find a location that allow a perfect organization and at the same time combine all the elements (logistic, capacity, equipment, furnitures etc).

    There is no special recipe to organize a successful event, but for sure there are some rules to follow, questions to do and other aspects to take into consideration in order to organize a successful event, starting from the location choice.

    That’s why I decided to create the Location Specialist role, so people don’t have to lose time or to be anxious, and they can trust in an impartial expert of the event and wedding field.

    The “Mille Emozioni Location Specialist” project was born from the attention to striking details, the curiosity to always find new concepts and the desire to organize charming and successful events keeping improving ourselves.

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