6 Steps to find the perfect location!


    THE LOCATION SPECIALIST hhas to understand the needs of who is looking for a location or who is proposing a venue. We will ask you some information such as the style of the event, what you like, the budget and other details, then we will help you to select 3 locations suitable for your event.

    We will bring you visiting one by one the 3 locations you like the most: to the site inspection we can hypothesize together how the event will look like.

    We will meet you and listen to your needs in order to give you quick answers and solutions to reach your most important day with satisfaction.




    We created a catalog of selected locations, that we personally visited and evaluated to guarantee a quality choice to our customers.

    Have a look at our selected catalog, fill in the form writing us the venues you like, you can also send an e-mail or if you prefer you can call us!

    If you didn’t find anything you like in our catalog, don’t worry!

    Write us the location you are looking for and we will research it for you!

    When we will receive your request, we will contact you to make an appointment (also by telephone). Understanding your needs is the most important task for a Location Specialist.

    It means that he or she has not only to listen carefully to your answers, but also to start figuring out the mood and the style of the event and your expectations.

    During the first meeting, we will show you up to 10 locations that we selected for you and we will evaluate them together. We will prepare some detailed technical sheets that will include a short presentation of the location, some general information, the rent, the price and an example of the menù, internal and external spaces available, one or more logistic solution of your event based also on what you like.

    Each location will be presented also by a wide pictures collection.

    Then, you will have time to choose 3 location that meet your needs the most and we will wait until you will tell us your location choice!

    When you will make your decision, you will make an appointment with the 3 locations and we will accompany to visit the venues and to help you understand which are the spaces and the logistic opportunities of each facility.

    We will help you to identify hidden opportunities and we will highlight some point you need to consider.

    During the appointment you will visit the venue with an expert that knows very well the location but most important that knows your tastes, your desires and will always be at your side!

    We know how difficult it is, to see an empty location and think about it during the day of the event.

    We will help you to imagine it in that day, we will think together about the best solution that suits to your style, so you can see how it will look like before choosing it!

    You will not be forced to choose one of the proposed location, but we are sure that we will find the right one for you! We will follow you until the confirmation of the final location!

    Thanks to our service, you will have no stress to look for a perfect location and you will not make useless visit. You will have to spend no money. LE MILLE EMOZIONI - LOCATION SPECIALIST will be paid by the location or the restaurant and only if you confirm our choice.

    Besides, the prices to the public are not charged: our service is considered as support on the management of appointments by the Location.

    The start of the research requires the customer to report any Location previously contacted and / or visited and, if possible, an evaluation of the location. This is useful to better understand the tastes and characteristics the customer is looking at.

    Once you choose to collaborate with Le Mille Emozioni Location Specialist, it is hardly recommended to not visit or telephone any other location so that you would not cross the research and waste energy and time.
    The quality of our proposals is fundamental and it is guaranteed to be fast, efficient and last but not least, to achieve the result.





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